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Comprehensive Guide to Sales Compensation

August 6, 2018

It’s an exciting time to be a sales leader, but also a time with many challenges. Sales leaders need to ensure they are consistently identifying growth opportunities that will make a strategic difference for sales results.

Of all the challenges facing sales leaders today, one of the most critical is to design and manage a sales incentive program that aligns to and drives revenue goals and objectives while effectively inspiring and motivating the sales force.

A recent SiriusDecisions study showed that hiring sales talent is becoming increasingly expensive. In fact, close to one-third of high-performing organization reported spending more than $51,000 per rep on recruiting costs.

With the increasing cost of hiring reps, you want to ensure your organization gains a competitive advantage by hiring the best sales talent. A carefully crafted sales compensation plan is the key to attracting as well as retaining top sales talent.

Read this e-book to receive a step-by-step process that guides CSOs and sales operations leaders through the critical components of compensation plan design and assessment, preparing them to become sales compensation subject matter experts.

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