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  • Marketing Leader at an Emerging Growth Company

    Marketing Leader at an Emerging Growth Company

    Leads small, nimble marketing teams in order to optimize their b-to-b revenue engine and power hyper-growth.

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  • Portfolio Marketing Leader

    Portfolio Marketing Leader

    Brings an organization's portfolio of offerings to market while refining its go-to-market strategy, architecture and execution.

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  • Sales Operations Leader

    Sales Operations Leader

    Manages the development and oversight of processes, tools and resources that drive efficiencies.

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  • Sales Enablement Leader

    Sales Enablement Leader

    Oversees the development and dissemination of selling tools, collateral and training to drive rep productivity.

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  • Product Management Leader

    Product Management Leader

    Manages the commercial success of a product, overseeing it from inception and ideation through design, build, launch, growth, enhancement and eventual sunset.

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  • Marketing Operations Leader

    Marketing Operations Leader

    Drives reporting and analytics; process; planning and budgeting; technology selection; implementation; governance and roadmap development; and data management.

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  • Demand Marketing Leader

    Demand Marketing Leader

    Designs multi-touch demand creation programs that leverage both inbound and outbound tactics.

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  • Customer Engagement Leader

    Customer Engagement Leader

    Creates and improves the customer experience for all products / services in order to ensure the highest possible loyalty and satisfaction.

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  • Content Strategy and Operations Leader

    Content Strategy and Operations Leader

    Evangelizes content strategy best practices and facilitating alignment and efficiency.

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  • Art & Science

    Art & Science

    Modern-day artists and scientists are ushering in a new era of b-to-b sales and marketing. How will you balance the art and science of growth?

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  • Sales Executive

    Sales Executive

    Focuses on acquisition and retention, process execution, business development, channel strategy, performance management, revenue attainment and profitability.

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  • Channel Sales Leader

    Channel Sales Leader

    This role is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding the right partners, increasing visibility into partner performance and driving revenue attainment in the channel.

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  • Channel Marketing Leader

    Channel Marketing Leader

    Sets channel marketing strategy and ensures its successful execution for one or more partner types.

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  • Brand and Communications Leader

    Brand and Communications Leader

    Strengthens the effectiveness of internal communications efforts and utilizes influencers to improve a brand's sentiment.

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  • Account-Based Marketing Leader

    Account-Based Marketing Leader

    Collaborates with sales on the planning, execution, measurement and communication of account-based programs.

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  • Marketing Executive

    Marketing Executive

    Plans and executes marketing activities to achieve the financial and strategic objectives of the business.

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