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Customer Engagement: The Keys to High Performance

July 1, 2019

A high-performing discipline or team enables the revenue engine of a b-to-b organization to work more effectively and efficiently. Marketing, sales and product organizations must be highly functional when working independently but must also work together flawlessly to make the engine run faster and outperform the competition.

Investments in customer engagement drive the revenue engine by improving growth and retention. Creating a truly customer-centric organization requires long-term commitment at all levels and a willingness to devote resources to customer experience, customer marketing and customer success. Positive results in retention, account expansion, customer advocacy participation and customer satisfaction are common metrics that demonstrate an organization’s willingness to make those commitments.

In this e-book, you will gain an understanding of the attributes of high-performing customer engagement teams and how they relate to the key priorities of customer engagement leaders.

The SiriusDecisions Customer Retention Model
The SiriusDecisions Customer Retention Model

Take a proactive and predictive approach to customer retention.

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