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2018 State of B2B Tech Investment: What Companies Need to Know Now

September 12, 2018

There is a seemingly infinite universe of technologies and services in B2B.

The rapid development of technologies targeted at B2B sales, marketing and product functions is fueling a wave of transformational change in today’s B2B companies. Shifts in customer expectations, increased demands from a rapidly evolving workforce and global regulatory pressures around data privacy are altering business models, infrastructure and organizational processes. They’re also changing the way businesses must use technology to help them deliver on their goals. The opportunities for growth are as infinite as the technology options available to support that growth, but companies must invest and deploy wisely to win.

In this e-book, we explore the technology investment plans of B2B organizations, why organizations continue to struggle to see a return on their technology investments, and a fundamental shift that’s required in how B2B leaders view the technology and services landscape to get the most from today’s powerful technology options.

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