SAP + SiriusDecisions Community

January 28, 2019

At SiriusDecisions, we know the power of community and collaboration, which is why we're excited to introduce you to a brand new feature for your SiriusDecisions access in 2019. Due to widespread interest, we are pleased to offer an SAP-specific networking group facilitated by SiriusDecisions.

Specifically, we will be identifying which of your peers have similar interests across SAP globally and encourage you to meet individuals with whom you share common focus areas. To begin, we will ask you to confirm your intent to participate, and select which topics are of most interest to you. Below are top priorities we hear from our clients to help get you started, but please feel free to suggest other topics.

Bi-monthly, a SiriusDecisions expert analyst will host a virtual session on the hottest topics across SAP and current industry trends. SAP participants will also be encouraged to share their current efforts on the subject. These sessions will be recorded if you are unable to join.

Through this exclusive SAP-community, we hope to connect team members to foster greater alignment and collaboration throughout SAP.

Account Team:
Ernie Delucia, Strategic Account Executive for SAP
(203) 210-4819


Lauren Wood, Senior Client Engagement Manager for SAP 
(203) 665-4056


Kylie Cafiero, Sales Associate for SAP 
(203) 665-4056