Ensuring Quota Attainment Through Better Joint Partner Planning Webcast Replay

September 19, 2018

Collaborating with partners to build business plans should be a process that defines mutually beneficial strategies that drive action, accountability and revenue growth. In reality, planning is often nothing more than a low-value, form-filling exercise. Suppliers and partners miss a valuable chance to improve growth when they don’t plan together in an effective way. 

The following topics are covered in this replay:

For Sales:

  • Gain an understanding of the tangible benefits of effective joint business planning, along with the causes of partners and channel account managers pushing back on getting them done

  • Learn how to operationalize a standardized joint business planning process that helps organizations formulate win-win plans and ensure that they are effectively executed

For Marketing: 

  • Understand the role channel marketing should play in driving and executing joint business planning with key partners

  • Gain insights into the benefits organizations derive from aligning channel partner marketing plans and funding with the joint business planning process

For Product:

  • Learn how the insights derived from joint business planning are helping product teams make better decisions and driving increased sales and profitability throughout the supply chain

  • Gain an understanding of the contributions required from the product team to help the channel organization develop joint business plans that are in line with the overall company strategy

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