When Internally Facing Marketing Is a GOOD Thing

March 11, 2016

June 08, 2015 | By Julie Ogilvie

For anyone who attended the 2014 SiriusDecisions Summit, the introduction of the Messaging Nautilus™ stands out in memory. Marisa Kopec and Erin Provey had a crystal-clear message for everyone in marketing: ENOUGH with the internally facing messaging approach. STOP IT already with the content selfies. Your prospects and customers are not listening, and your content is indecipherable.

Internally Facing Marketing

This year, Erin and I took to the stage with a different message: Let’s get serious about internally facing messaging! No, Erin wasn’t brainwashed and forced to say this while I held her dog hostage. What we were talking about is something called employee lifecycle marketing – a new approach to marketing to and through employees that adds extra oomph to your marketing campaigns without draining your budget. It is, quite simply, the impecunious marketer’s secret weapon.

So, for those of you who couldn’t be in Nashville for Summit 2015, here’s a little recap of what we covered in “Employee Lifecycle Marketing: Supporting Growth From the Inside Out”:

  • For marketing leaders. Dozens of studies show that employee engagement is like magic fairy dust for business results. Want growth? A higher Net Promoter Score? Revenue? Try investing a little more effort in growing your employees’ engagement, an area that’s been largely overlooked by most marketers. Another benefit: Engaged employees are far more likely to amplify your messages in social media. It’s like signing up a volunteer army of social advocates.
  • For sales leaders. To attract top sellers, you need a strong brand – not just for your products but for your company as a place of work. It’s time to get out there on professional social networks. Tell the world why your workplace rocks and why employees are proud to work there. A second key issue for sales is streamlining the delivery of internal information. Stop stuffing your sellers’ email boxes with extraneous information. Instead, build a modern information ecosystem that minimizes distractions for sellers.
  • For product leaders. Lots of people are talking about how to tap into the power of crowds for innovation – but these same people overlook the crowds within their own companies – the employees. Employee lifecycle marketing helps organizations unlock their employees’ ideas to provide a massive injection of energy into the innovation pipeline. You, Mr./Ms. Product Marketer, also should be out there in the social sphere, showing off your subject matter expertise.

Employee engagement is proven to be a powerful force for driving business results. Download an overview of the SiriusDecisions Employee Lifecycle Marketing Framework, designed to maximize employee engagement, and improve productivity and brand advocacy.

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