Art & Science Client Stories

Learn from these outstanding organizations on how they have adopted SiriusDecisions best practices, strategic frameworks and models, and research data to help drive growth and alignment between sales, marketing and product.

  • Mintigo1:49


    Hear how Mintigo transformed their product messaging and positioning by utilizing SiriusDecisions strategic insight and best practices.

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  • Automic4:07


    Learn how Automic transformed from selling a product to multiple audiences with little focus to a data-driven and efficient revenue engine aligned around key growth strategies.

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  • Lionbridge Technologies2:13

    Lionbridge Technologies

    Discover Lionbridge's journey to sales onboarding excellence.

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  • Blackbaud1:40


    Listen to Blackbaud's Vice President of Sales, Patrick Hodges discuss how SiriusDecisions was able to optimize sales efficiency and effectiveness resulting in a 17 percent increase in productivity.

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  • Dassault Systemes3:17

    Dassault Systemes

    Listen to Dassault Systemes' Channel Marketing Leaders, Bruno Delahaye and Bertrand Sicot discuss how SiriusDecisions works with sales and marketing team's to serve as a sounding board.

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  • GE Healthcare3:58

    GE Healthcare

    By working with SiriusDecisions, GE Healthcare was able to implement a stronger lead management and scoring process, resulting in more qualified leads.

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  • Hyland, creator of OnBase3:47

    Hyland, creator of OnBase

    Experience Hyland's journey to content excellence.

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  • CSC4:16


    Explore CSC's journey toward developing a named ABM strategy and the research and frameworks it utilized along the way to increase sourced/influenced pipeline to more than $75 million.

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  • Sony Professional Solutions, Europe3:14

    Sony Professional Solutions, Europe

    Learn about Sony's challenges with portfolio prioritization and persona-based messaging and the steps they took toward a winning solution.

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  • Cisco2:19


    Journey with Cisco as we learn the processes and best practices they used to develop a scalable marketing infrastructure.

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  • DocuSign2:20


    By adopting the SiriusDecisions Demand Matrix, DocuSign doubled – and then tripled – their pipeline within the first two quarters of working with SiriusDecisions.

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  • Siemens3:44


    By leveraging the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, Siemens Industry increased their understanding of the buyer’s journey, demand types and personas, while also achieving alignment across the org.

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  • Oracle2:19


    By implementing the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, Oracle’s EMEA team dramatically increased their understanding of the revenue generation cycle from just top of funnel to all handoffs.

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  • Polycom EMEA2:34

    Polycom EMEA

    Discover the benefits client organization Polycom reaped when it shifted to more solution-based campaigns.

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  • Jaspersoft3:15


    Jaspersoft developed an action plan for service-level agreements (SLAs), increased productivity and gained company-wide buy-in by implementing the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®.

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  • Lattice Engines1:51

    Lattice Engines

    Lattice Engines developed standardized metrics to show marketing’s significant contribution to revenue by partnering with SiriusDecisions and adopting the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®.

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  • Polycom2:00


    Through the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, the Demand Creation Framework, and the Content Model, Polycom built their pipeline, increased revenue and developed solid workflows and processes.

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  • SiriusDecisions Client Story: Hyland, Creator of OnBase1:41

    SiriusDecisions Client Story: Hyland, Creator of OnBase

    Explore Hyland's journey toward growing and improving partner demand generation.

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  • ADP1:35


    By implementing the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, ADP increased the value of their leads by 110% through improved lead management and nurture programs.

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